De la fornication dans les commissariats


Sixteen years ago, this writer warned about the dangers of electromagnetic warfare technology, but governments, communities and the press refused to take heed, preferring the comfort of falsehood. Today, those esoteric weapons systems are threatening the immediate future of the population that they were supposed to protect. The real enemy is not some robotic military force abroad; rather it is human laxity, ignorance and fear that have led to reliance on flawed technologies for security.
Knowledgeable figures, including retired Senator Sam Nunn (now head of the Nuclear Threat Initiative), concurred with the 1995 investigative journalism of this editor and his Japan Times Weekly reporting team that the Aum Shinrikyo sect was conducting research into “seismic induction” with long-frequency radio waves. At a Senate Armed Services committee hearing, Nunn himself warned of terrorists producing or hijacking earthquake-triggering weapons.
The investigative trail led from the Tokyo subway gassing to Kalgoorie, Western Australia, where Aum scientists had established a research ranch in the early 1990s. Upon arrival at the dusty sheep station in the early 1990s, the Aum team members immediately began to take readings of the ground current. At the time, the Pentagon and the Australian Air Force was conducting secret tests of electromagnetic weapons at the nearby Jindalee Test Range. These were being tracked and observed by Aum.

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