Does anyone know how many died...


in Hiroshima and Nagasaki?


hi there happy new year to you. I had a brief look at yr website and it's wife is a Yoga teacher too so I was pleased to show her what yr web site is about however...I see a little Albert Einstein quote and that name always make me shiver...and heave.

You have to know...whether you're an american or not...that Einstein not only found the formula to destroy on a large scale but was also very instrumental in having the atom bomb made. He wrote a personal letter to the american president at the time and urged him to build a bomb, said it was in the interest of the American people to have one.
I was taught at school that he'd find the formula but never contributed to ...a lot a people getting killed...but it's wrong...he had a greater responsablity in that mayhem.

I regard him as the most fraudulent person of the twentieth century, not at all a genius but a very very sad person that was in no way inclined in helping humanity but contributed to its destruction.

Just so you know

Knowledge means a lot to me

best regards and have a great and peaceful new year.

If you think I'm fibbing please do some research...and spread the truth about Einstein.



"Start from the Center"  -Osho

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what I was meant to say was...I hate the fucking cunt with all the fibrous tissues in my body, he's a despicable piece of shit, an utterly ugly fucker and if he was standing right in front of me I'd rip him apart and make a lamp shade with his fucking ugly head...that son of a bitch was the sole reason why a lot of people died and the U.S. was equipped with a most dreadful mean of hani-ilating life on earf. He's one ugly fucker and I wish his father had got the wrong hole and buggered his mum instead of having this fucking prick brought to life...EINSTEIN you're a waste of sperm and one atrocious fucker. Fuck OFF !


it...on another note...the Japanese army was one mean bunch of arseholes...during WW2 and before...sorry I've insulted Einstein's mom...It's not her fault after all.

Something like 24000 thousand people in the U.S. were involved in the completion of Atomic weapons. The U.S. army dropped two bombs on japan as the U.S. could not foresee and end to that war. Someone must have witnessed the extent of the destruction when the first one was dropped...why drop another one?

--- Some years later a very prominent U.S. army figure wanted to NUKE the Chinese...I have forgotten his name...I think President Johnson got rid of the mad bastard as he saw him as a threat in some ways. I don't think the yanks wanted another HIROSHIMA looking at the sheer devastation they had created. I wasn't born in those days. We're no wiser today. We're still a long way away from complete wisdom and total disarmement...and it's not X-FaCtor or Celebrity get me out of here that's gonna educate our children into how to become better peoples. Amen.
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