the coop supermarket in kaigamori, sendai



  • seaninsendai

    17 March 2011 8:49AM

    (thought i'd repost this for anybody who's interested and can't be bothered to read the other thread)

    just got back from the coop supermarket in kaigamori, sendai

    it opened at 10.00 (and will close at 13.00), so we queued for about an hour

    the queue went around the block. people were calm, relaxed, smiling, laughing, despite the snow. kids were playing in the carpark which was nice to see

    i noticed more masks than usual (masks are a popular accessory in japan due to the super strong influenza bugs that float around asia) which suggests that people are concerned about the situation in fukushima, but none of the widespread panic that is apparently occurring else where

    the shelves inside the supermarket were still pretty much empty (but at least the lights were on this time -- shopping in the dark is no fun), but they received a limited delivery of mostly vegetables and cup ramen

    people were buying plenty of alcohol, which i wholly endorse

    gonna eat something now then walk over to tohoku univ hospital to visit a family friend and drop a change of clothes and some soup. he recently underwent a major operation to treat his throat cancer and was still pretty weak when the tsunami hit. he lives in shiogama near the coast and had to be airlifted out by the army to hospital. his house is still standing, but his sister and her family are still without electricity, water, gas and petrol


    snow is really coming down now in sendai

    the hospital was fairly quiet (tohoku univ in the aoba district). staff seemed concerned that evacuees might attempt to take shelter in the building so we had to convince them of our address

    our friend gave us some insight into what happened at shiogama

    he runs a menswear shop on the ground floor of his house. when the earthquake struck he said his house was rocked side to side like a tiny fishing boat in a storm

    he immediately gathered some personal belongings and evacuated to higher ground. once the waves came he watched his house become engulfed in dirty black water, the mud it left behind pretty much destroying his shop on the ground floor

    after spending the night in a freezing cold evacuation centre with no electricity, running water, or gas, he became ill (he had already suffered from mild pneumonia after his cancer treatment) so was airlifted to the hospital

    the hospital is running low on drugs but it's obviously nowhere near as dire as other areas nearer the coast

    on a brighter note, a taiyaki (fish shaped waffle filled with red bean paste) shop near the hospital was open and had a huge queue of customers. looked like there was about 6 or 7 members of staff in there. smelt delicious


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