I was trying to convince some stupid...


I was trying to convince some stupid cunt on Friday that If a writer is struggling to get a deal with a book publisher over a book sold 10 to 15 euros, how can the same writer make any money if all the stupid cunts who bought a kindle pay ONE EURO for their poxy book.

That said, thee industry who ever it is who run the show has tried for three decades to get rid of recorded vynils to no avail. There is hope people, there is hope!

François Hollande, who was once photographed engrossed in French History for Dummies on a dinghy, will no doubt find that his holiday reading is scrutinised this summer. But if he's like the general French population, he is more likely to be packing a stack of paperbacks than a digital-reader. Ebooks in France have been slow to catch on, as readers overwhelmingly prefer the printed page.

In the guardian newspaper.

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