Major Blow-out


I have goals, morals, and a life. I don't have ongoing drama, I'm in no way fat, but fortunately I don't look like a starving crackhead either. Im straight forward and down to earth. I am not looking just for fun, if that's what your looking for, just walk around the block, I'm sure you'll find something. I want to get to know someone and work off that. I don't want someone searching for happiness in someone else, you can only find that within yourself and then share it with another person. If you're laid back, happy, have a life and enjoy it... We will probably get along just fine. I'm not shallow, but if you aren't physically attracted to someone, nothing will ever come of it. So the standard please respond with a picture applies, then we can b.s. and see what happens.


cunt-face-John_Major_1996.jpg220px-Edwina currie nightingale house


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