Mini-Britain, Ye Olde England


I loved reading John Sugden's book on LORD NELSON but...I am no fan of this guy.


Just a Napoleon-ptit'bite...Same-same...maybe...the subtle difference is...


Napo was trying to salvage France from the chaos that the French Revolution had brought about


and Nelson was primarily working for his own personal financial interest...glory and his


personal turn on...ruling other people's waves...spreading fear, terror, killing and


pillaging exactly like a regiment of drugged-up Brits in Helmand or the butchered land known


before as Irak.


Wellington I know nothing of...I think he did the world a great service capturing napo and sending him to a faraway island where he was later poisoned it seems...the walls of his jail laced with cyanide or some other toxic substance...a slow callous execution certainly hidden at the time and somewhat reminiscent of the hanging of Saddam hussein perpetrated by other tyrans and operated in a vain attempt to scare off the arab insurgents or reassure us that the powers that be were most definitely 'in control' of events...I haven't 5 minutes for WARMONGERS and that's what these people are...


were...I'm talking Napoleon, Nelson, Wellington...and most rulers in general...


One strange conversation I had...occured in Viet Nam ...with a lady of a certain respectablity...a teacher in a British international school...Monica was her name I seem to recall...


winghed at the fact that Napo was 'remembered' and Nelson 'forgotten' !!


I wasn't quick react and usual.


For any living peeps who's lived in Albion for more than 18 months...they would've noticed this incredible nationalistic fibre


that beats in the hearts of Brits...That's why their stupid flag floats almost in every tourist shop...trivialised, vandalised by


cheap Alan Suger-type business men selling T-shirts, towels, matchboxes, shorts, tights, soap-boxes all decorated in the same vein...I' m pretty sure there must be


condoms somewhere with the Union Joke on.


A sad (sadder than normal) Ray(mond) Davies appeared once at a big festival in Blighty wearing a Pete Townsend jacket...


That day I died...again...I wondered why...why the fuss !? I understand the idea of identity...the idea of belonging...heredity and heritage...I understand pride...when like me you see a black bloke forced to wear a French army uniform (conscription, mind you...some black dudes liked it) leaves a funny did made me very uncomfortable...when you realise what the imperial powers of France are doing to African nations...what they still do today...callous manipulations, exploitation, underhand-dealings, mass-slaughter (Rwanda)...I know some feel lost at times and I certainly if you must rally a flag...why not create A NEW ONE ! one that's a little less tarnished by the blood of the poor and the destitutes...


On the streets of Paris one dark 2nd of December, I fought through the crowd of young demonstrators...wriggled my way through the seemingly happy youngsters...I know some big trouble was brewing. I wanted to go as far as I could...As close...The demonstrators were angry at Devaquet and his educational reform. The ministers in power were Charles Pasqua (like napoleon...a Corsican bandit), Pandraud I seem to recall was also an M.P. and Devaquet who if I'm right ended up leaving his post.


The pont Alexandre 3 was barred...barricaded...blocked the police force. People were shouting 'They can't get through...they can't get through'.


Behind a huge metal fence, a cohorte of French Riot Police was waiting menacingly. There was maybe at least a hundred of them.


I could immediately sense that the atmosphere was altogether different here on the frontline....a big stage had been erected and one silly singer was strutting about on that stage...some 'important' student leader was maybe awaited to make a big speech. The crowd wanted more than just this festive travesty of a people's party (party as in...fiesta) They wanted the head of Devaquet. Period.


I wasn't technically a student because I was going to an art by the Chamber of Commerce in Paris...we paid NO student fee and we weren't retributed either...unlike the previous years which were amazingly paid a small amount of French Francs for attending the animation school I had now enroled with.  I didn't take too much of an active part in these rallies whereas normally I would've done....Rallies were fun. Made us feel alive in some ways. Rallying a cause for us 'rebels' who had none, the Bourgeois children and the middle-class having a dig. The real proletariat was at work...slaving away, their children later the victims of a ruthless educational system which was just part of an 'exclusion' madame Rialle put it when we met her once on a Paris bus, me and Artblade years after we had left secondary school...she said I clearly remember : ' How many working-class kids get to higher education? University? and that was the mid-eighties FUKC knows what it is now...that the proletariat in the west has been destroyed and their labor 'offered' to masses of slaves in Viet Nam, Korea, China or even the Phillipines. Artblade was a true working-class hero...or the offspring of two working-class parents who both understood the idea of ...succes through education...not success as in flattering yerself full of diplomas and shit...just having a taste that none of them had, studying and looking up to a brighter future...Artblade now belongs to a non-working class of cinema technicians ...(blame Hollywood) on a personal level he's on a bring entertainment to the masses...on youtube where he has uploaded more than 193 files of filmed material...all devoted to the cause of art for art's fundings, no money, just the recognition of artists themselves and punters who tap into youtube daily for visual and audio treats.


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This time things were serious and things took a nasty turn. Pasqua (still alive today) loved the idea of the 'hard man' image. People knew very little about his previous performance in politics. They were soon to find out.


This was under the reign of president Mitterrand (volpe)...the fox...but in 1986...I seem to remember...a coalition was formed : Schizophrenic France had elected an (alleged) socialist ruler who had lost his majority therefore he was presiding with a theatening amount of right-wing M.Ps...among them Jacques (the jackal) Chirac ! A future president of the fifth republic.


As I approached the front line leaving behind me 1000s of people...A saw a small number of riot police battle their way through the crowd...people crouched and sat down...they couldn't run because of the huge number of people...the so-called 'blocked' bridge had been opened in a split second...taking people by surprise...the huge fence was in fact removable...and the coppers were trying to divide the crowd and form a human line joining up to the front line were other cohortes of pigs were solidly barring access to the Ministere de l'education.


Women, men, anyone in their path...they severely beat with truncheons...I saw a young woman profusely bleeding from the head...escorted by two fellow students to an ambulance standing nearby.


I froze...and I realised what was happening...after the onslaught...People regrouped and devised...Everybody knew this was going to be a long night... a bloody night.


Soon after, the crowd turned its attention to the main line of police as the previously described bunch of attackers had quickly as they appeared.


Then I witnessed the most incredible stand-off in my history...a long line of 'demonstrators' cut silently towards the crowd but the half-cooked students did not like the sight of that I tell ya...


That image will stay with me until the end...the newcomers sported sticks brandished up in the air...which for the occasion were used as flag the top of that pole >> 



That day...without knowing...something was changing in me...I never forgot the course of events...the water canons and the shouting crowd of drenched demonstrators...The anarchists weren't being fobbed off or had not been totaly abused by an old representative of Petain's republic using SOCIALISM as a platform to promote his thirst for power.



Some 40 minits later...the huge square was cleared...of some 2000 people or more...the water canon used not as a deterrent but a way to excite or humiliate the crowd...and the tear gas canisters started dropping like US bombs launched from a flock of nasty B52's took just minutes for the crowd to disperse...totally shocked at the deployment of force used to 'control', 'contain' and later chase and beat up protesters...Times hadn't changed at all...or maybe they did because the economic climate was very different from say 1968 where long-haired idealists had other ideas about what the world should be like...In 1986, like today in 2011, Rulers still inflict fear and would not hesitate to use violence to repress a people who would have the audacity to question the very motivation of the class it protects.


For those who were there, we all remember how tragically it the Latin quarter with motorbike squads chasing Bourgeois students, beating them in the streets, threatening their lives...bashing them accross the face with truncheons...scarring them for life.

















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