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Meanwhile, The Sun is reporting that Cheryl Cole has landed the much sought-after role as a judge on the US version of 'The X Factor'.

The paper claims that producers flew over to watch her at the weekend and have now agreed a massive £3 million deal to sign her up.

An insider said:  "She has really charmed the American execs. They love her good looks and the way she wears her heart on her sleeve. And of course her chemistry with Simon played a huge part in it. They are great together."

And finally, The Sun is also claiming that boyband One Direction have been guaranteed a record deal even if they don't win this year's series.

It reports that Simon Cowell is so confident about the group's future success that he has already started planning ahead for their music career.

A source said: "It's a done deal - writers and producers connected with his Syco label have already been asked to pitch tracks for the group."


Right ee you know who gets what...


In this day and age...some ppl are still puzzled at how much footballers, politicians ans crappy singers the looks of it, it's not really getting better...the masses still consume vast amounts of shite and a silly industry is marketing just that : S H I T E...


Shit sells that's the only conclusion...Cole I have noting against her...I have not come into contact with her...I don;t mean physically of course, I am not familiar with her music...I certainly won;t buy it, I'm sure her looks are more important than her musical performance.


As for Cowbell, well...I very rarely lower myself to talk abt this guy...everthing about him just makes me a bit sick...I have yet to come to terms with the fact that such talentless guy comes to be at the forefront...the forefront of what? ..............................


The forefront of SHITEDOM aha aha ahahaaaha................................................................................



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    simon cowell is such an ego maniac and a control freak he was just scared that wagner who is not one of his puppets would tell the truth about what goes on behind the scenes were as simon dictates what all the others say and do

    Posted by: andrewedgar67 on Tue Nov 30 02:21PM | Report abuse
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    The answer is simply "no" to those last three questions!

    Posted by: padzermania on Tue Nov 30 02:23PM | Report abuse
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    yawnnnnn zzzzzzzzzz

    Posted by: susanroselindsay on Tue Nov 30 02:31PM | Report abuse
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    is it me or is everyone soooo blind not to see what a horrid person cheryl is some of her comments are a disgrace and soo petty why does everyone thing she is such a wonderful person just point in case when katie threw the mic down she said wow really good great stuff wen daniel did it last year he was arrogant and pls this is the worst x factor ever look back over u tube peformances nikki beverly ruth rydian jls leona!!!!

    Posted by: nickflapski on Tue Nov 30 02:31PM | Report abuse

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