on a lighter note...


It's been a while...on a lighter note...watch this guy and how much he has been americanized.


This bloke...I don't rate him as anything...I mean...his creative input to my life is O or close to Zero.


He was once (1) the best animator in France...now a 'pion' in someone else's game...he works in America, he speaks american, he dreams of Ollie and Walt and John Wayne and jayne Mansflied's bust but he ain't French (was he ever) he has been americanized. He supposedly pays taxes...to the american government...and a lot of it...he was IN AMERICA during Gulf War II. His own mother and father would not recognize him...he's just a different guy...






It is possible that he is a crusader as he sponsors mainstream white american values, but he doesn't seem to care. His creative ability has just been 'owned' by somebody else...and of course...at the root of it...there was a definite choice. He looks happy tho'


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