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I am a also a veteran that has been fighting the VA for 40 years now. I understand very little about the psychiatry of PTSD but have seen the effects first hand. My own father was a Japanese prisoner of war for over 40 months. Life at home as a child was not pleasant but that is another story. I have seen veterans treated like dogs both at home and abroad. I have listened to a government talk and say it takes time to implement change. Its time for our troops to know that only those who have served and their famalies are the ones that have compassion for the people that are serving. A government that will not deliver should be voted out of office but we are not the majority and we have no vote of confidence. The people in office should have to serve at least a month in a combat zone before denying benefits to those who have sustained pain, agony, and disabilities not seen before. A war on terrorism without the proper psychological CIA, FBI, whatever training will continue to do its damage on our troops. Please call or write your representatives and tell them its time to take care of America that means take care of our troops by any means that is available. Healthcare, financial aid, education, Housing, the works after all they are doing a job that we and our politicians and families don't want to do!

Voici ce qu ecrit un citoyen americain a propos des conditions de survie post-war des gonz qui ont servi dans l'armee U.S.
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