The two rusty


The two rusty, mud-caked cars that Oklahoma officials stumbled onto at the bottom of a lake, where they found six skulls and skeletal remains, sat 3 feet apart under 12 feet of "super murky" water.
To add to the mystery, officials say, the cars might have gone into the water a year-and-a-half apart, more than 40 years ago.
"It's just so crazy," Oklahoma Highway Patrol spokeswoman Betsy Randolph told today.
Oklahoma Highway Patrol's lake patrol division was testing new sonar equipment last week in Foss Lake in Custer County, Okla., when they detected some unusual echoes that indicated the presence of large, metal objects under the water.
"Our guys just naturally assumed this may have been a stolen car pushed off into the lake. Sometimes that happens," Randolph said. "As soon as they pulled up the first vehicle, they found a femur bone in the driver's seat."
Three feet away, they found a second car with more skeletal remains in it. They have since recovered six skulls and matching bones.

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